Agnes Schybergs art practice is focused on the concoction between natural culture and synthetic culture. In her artwork, she tries to bend, manipulate, and imitate nature and natural elements into new synthetic works of art, that communicate similar valuables as their natural predecessor. The timeliness is a constant factor in the investigative parts of her practice since her works are appealing to a future by using the past in the understanding of naturality.

        By working with natural elements in unnatural spheres she tries to convey a clear point on how we in our design, architecture, and cityscapes incorporate the unnatural natural elements. By also looking at how we plan and create our urban landscapes making the human entities smaller and focusing on naturality as a sublime. This is also a common effect in art, and these are elements that have a long, rich art history, the facts of which she now gives an attempt to convey in modernity and as a citizen in the Anthropocene.



agnesschyberg@gmail.com / +45 22 14 65 70 / instagram / she/her

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